03:44:06 UTC

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I would like to share with you that someone has reported Chain.group a scam on one site... This is not good for possible investors that are looking at this website.

If someone claims that he was deceived by us, he is obliged to:

(a) introduce himself;
(b) explain which exactly point of the TOS was violated by Chain Group Service (as he thinks);
(c) provide evidence of a violation of TOS by Chain Group Service.

These "scam" complaints can be written:
- by our competitors who are usually themselves rogues. As they promise and guarantee profits to their customers. Instead we ask our customers to understand all risk involving in such kind of investments (https://chain.group/legal);
- by paid haters hired by our competitors;
- by people who have superficial understanding of how exactly our Service works. These people haven't any expirience with us, haven't accounts with us, they didn't even read our TOS or Legal Notice.