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How can we increase chances of accepting our company to your Service? Can you recommend what documents or other evidences to provide for our investment proposal to be published at your Service?

If your Trade Group has been trading in the cryptocurrency markets and you have internal reporting, transaction history, please send it to us. For example, many exchanges allow exporting trading history to a CSV or XML file.

Tell us clear and in details about the development of your company. Specify your Trade Group members and give us links to their social network accounts.

The data provided will not be published. You decide what information to disclose at publishing your investment proposal. But the more you tell us about your company, the greater the chance of publishing your investment proposal.

If your business is not related to trading in the markets, also tell us about it in detail.

But do not tell us information that we can’t check. For example, if you say, “We have been successfully Litecoin mining since 2010!” then you must also provide references to independent sources for us to verify this information.

We do not require proof that your company has been successfully working for a long time. But if you make such statements, that are impossible to confirm, they will more likely work against you.

If at checking the facts, we find out that you are trying to mislead the analytics Group somehow, then you will definitely be denied service.