03:46:03 UTC

BTC/USD 3896.24

Explain me, please, about Bitcoins (BTC) deposits. If I want to deposit my account with Bitcoins via Coinpayments, there will be BTC at my balance or my BTC payment will be converted to USD? Because, in the second case, there will be some fees or bad exchange rate (I think).

At finial stage a deposit will be added to your Available balance as USD currency.

You have two ways to make BTC payment:

First, via Coinpayments with approximate Coinpayments BTC/USD rate: 3896.24 (updated 1 minute ago).

Second, via AdvCash, as Bitcoin also available as payment source there. This payment can be done with AdvCash BTC/USD rate.

At the same time, in case you don't want to withdraw USD currency (to AdvCash, Perfect Money, Payeer), but do want to withdraw Bitcoins (Ether), the reverse conversion takes place.