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Why should I use 2FA features?

To protect your account. Having a password of your account is not enough today, as people usually do not follow basic Internet safety recommendations and their password get stolen by hackers. If access to your account is restricted only by password, hackers can easily enter it and withdraw money from your Available balance.

To avoid this, we suggest you use 2FA features.

The service offers two options:

1. Generation of temporary PIN-codes through special applications, such as Google Authenticator.

2. Generation temporary PIN-codes through SMS.

In both cases, unauthorized access to your account becomes much more complicated. Hackers should not only have your password, they also need physical access to your mobile phone.

Practice shows that accounts using 2FA features are hacked only in 0.00005% of hacking attempts. If your account is protected only by a password, then 0.079% of hacking attempts are successful and, thus, disastrous for account holders.

If, besides using 2FA features, you also made a photo of your registration PIN-code, then your account is safely protected and the chance that you lose access to it is less than being killed accidentally by an alien fallen from the sky.