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Why should I write down some special PIN-code on the paper?

This is for a case if your account is hacked and you lost access to it. Even if hackers withdraw money from your Available balance, you may still have deposits that can’t be withdrawn early. Therefore, you will need to restore access to your account.

If hackers gain access to your account (for example, you used the password of the Service at another website despite our recommendations), they will immediately change the password of your account.

When you realize that you have lost access to your account, you will first try to restore the password to your email address. But if hackers gained access to your email as well, you would not be able to log in and get a new password.

You can register a new email and send to us with a message like, “Hey! My Account U5004560 has been hacked and my email too. So please, send me the password of my account to my new e-mail!

and we would like to generate a new password for you and send it to your new email, but how do we know that this is really you?


If you know your User ID and PIN-code given at the registration, you can send us it from your new email! As only you can have it!

Then we can easily restore access to your account. Restoring access to your account without PIN-code can be quite difficult or even impossible.