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Why do some Trade Groups offer a very small rate of return, while other Trade Groups offer a very high one?

The difference in return depends on several factors. Here are some of them:

1. Different technologies and strategies. Those, who make money at fast manipulations, i.e. make transactions dozens of times per day, make much more money than those who make transactions only several times a day. These are different technologies with a Fundamentally different approach.

2. Experience factor. Trade Groups with extensive trading experience can make much more money.

3. Relationship with other Trade Groups and cooperation agreements. There are a lot of not so popular cryptocurrencies, that still allow making a lot of money on, if trading in coordination with other Trade Groups. This allows Trade Groups to control a market segment for a certain cryptocurrency to some degree.

4. Goals and objectives of Trade Groups. Trade Groups with a large equity capital do not chase investments and offer a small rate of return. These Trade Groups are “more mature”, they trade by making only a few large transactions per week, but still make very good money. If a Trade Group consists mainly of newcomers, they will be ready to pay a high rate to attract investments, but at the same time they are more likely to be in a situation when they can’t fulfill their obligations.

5. Deposit expiration dates. As a rule, the longer the expiration date, the less return is paid on it. There are also other factors that influence rates of return that Trade Group are willing to pay.