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I understand that you can’t recommend a Trade Group to invest in, but can I just ask for your opinion on one of the Trade Groups presented at your Service?

The fact that a Trade Group is presented at the Service means that we consider it promising. Of course, we have our personal opinion on each Trade Group presented at the Service. And we can say that, for example, an AAA Trade Group consists of professionals and we forecast its long-term operation. And our opinion may be justified at the moment we express it.

But in some time the situation may change, that is, the membership or even the management of the Trade Group may change or it will have a new strategy. And exactly because of this new strategy, the Trade Group may go bankrupt.

What will you tell us then?

Therefore, no, we can’t share our opinion on a particular Trade Group.

When choosing a Trade Group, you can look at the information given on the Group page. Look at how long a Trade Group operates, the promised rate of return at reFunding the deposit. Analyze the complex information.