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Please, give me an example with numbers, how money from a Trade Group Stabilization Fund is distributed in case of bankruptcy.

For example, there is a AAA Trade Group, it paid $ 30,000 to the Stabilization Fund when adding to the Service.

During the whole year, the Trade Group paid interest on deposits and everything was fine. But then the Trade Group made a few unsuccessful transactions and can no longer fulfill its obligations. In this case the Trade Group is declared bankrupt.

And we have an investor BBB with an active deposit of $ 1,000 at the day of declaring bankruptcy. The expiration date of this deposit does not matter.

In total, at the time of bankruptcy, the Trade Group had $ 100,000 of active deposits, for example. Thus, the BBB Investor is compensated 1% of the Stabilization Fund size.

The Stabilization Fund size was $30,000. Therefore, the Investor will get a $ 300 compensation, that is 10% of his active deposit. After that, all active deposits that were made in the AAA Trade Group will become invalid.

Thus, the amount of payments depends on the ratio of the Stabilization Fund size and the amount of current active deposits.