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Am I right that if a Trade Group goes bankrupt, compensations from the Stabilization Fund will cover all my losses?

No, this is impossible. The Stabilization Fund size is always much less than the total amount of deposits accepted.

For example: When establishing at the Service, a Trade Group paid $ 15,000.00 to the Stabilization Fund and had $ 150,000.00 of active deposits in a year. In case of bankruptcy, the Stabilization Fund covers only 10% of the total amount of active deposits. The deposits that were already closed and returned to investors are not taken into account.

Therefore, payments from the Stabilization Fund should not be considered a guarantee of returning deposits in case of a Trade Group bankruptcy. Bankruptcy means inability to fulfill obligations to pay return and reFund main deposits.

The Stabilization Fund should be primarily considered as an additional incentive for a Trade Group - knowing that some of its Funds are frozen, they are making every possible effort to continue working and find a way out of difficult situations.