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What if your Service has a Trade Group without any actual activity, but paying investors return simply by attracting new deposits?

This is possible indeed, as the Service does not monitor the turnover of Funds outside the Service. At the stage of selecting Trade Groups, the Service tries to present only Groups that make real profit from operations in the cryptocurrency markets or specializing in other areas. However, the Service can’t and does not guarantee that a Trade Group is engaged in the kind of activity described on the Trade Group’s page.

In order to filter fake Trade Groups, we have developed rules that are not very favorable for creators of financial pyramids.

First. The Service requires a large payment to the Stabilization Fund. This eliminates those who plan to “grab as much as they can and quickly run away.” This term ensures long-term operation of a Trade Group. After all, before running away with Investors’ deposits, they at least need to get money frozen in the Stabilization Fund back.

Second. The Service stops accepting new deposits if a Trade Group has debts to its Investors. We know that financial pyramids exist only by paying return to previous Investors with deposits of new Investors. But this will not work at our Service.

These measures do not safeguard against crooks, but they significantly reduce risks.

You must also remember that even really operating Business Groups can stop paying returns if they commit a series of bad buys on exchange.

You should understand that high-yield investments and manipulations in the cryptocurrency markets depend largely on luck.