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Why should I invest in any Trade Groups, if I can register at any exchange and trade cryptocurrencies on my own?

Of course, you can. And if you have never done this before, we even recommend you to try. Registration at exchanges is very simple. Most exchanges do not even have identity verification.

Try to trade on your own to see for yourself that your expertise is not enough to make a profit in the long run. That is, you may first successfully invest and multiply your money at the exchange, but then you are bound to lose your earnings. This usually happens to beginners.

Trading alone in the cryptocurrency market is a guaranteed bankruptcy. No one speaks of it loud, but this is true. After all, the profit is not made from the air. Some market participants earn at what others lose.

So why do some earn, while others lose money?

People, who lose money, are those who trade alone, based on some mystical feelings like ‘I feel that this currency must go up’ or ‘The currency has reached its peak, it must be dropped’ or ‘The currency falls in price, I should sell it now even with losses, because it will totally be depreciated later.’ If you have already traded at the exchange, you must know the feeling like you somehow can predict the market behavior.

But you can’t.

Yes, if you guessed it for a few time in a row, sold and bought in time, you may think that you have a special gift. But after some time you will understand that it was just a coincidence.

But with organized Trade Groups things are different. They have the instruments, that you don’t know even they exist:

1. Trade Groups have access to paid and closed news aggregators. These aggregators gather news on each cryptocurrency and publish this news faster than free open sources. It is impossible to access such aggregators from outside.

2. Trade Groups monitor the situation on a specific cryptocurrency in ALL markets at once. That is, they can see the average change for one currency at all exchanges. This average rate determines what happens to the cryptocurrency in total, rather than at one particular exchange.

3. Trade Groups create alliances and agree on a joint strategy. They can coordinate their actions and manipulations with large orders to buy or sell, can influence cryptocurrency exchange rates with small capitalization.

4. Trade Group trade around the clock, so they do not miss an opportunity to make money, while one person physically can’t monitor markets 24 hours a day.

5. Trade Groups are experienced, so they do not give in to panic and emotions. All their decisions are made in purely cold mind. Those, who trade alone, often lose money because of making hasty and, therefore, wrong decisions.

Of course, not all trade Groups are the same. They are not always in the black. Sometimes they go bankrupt. But trade Groups are in the black much MORE OFTEN than single traders. It is MORE OFTEN "The Ultimate Answer of Life, the Universe, and Everything".

After all, the money of those who makes MORE right guesses sooner or later belong to those who makes LESS right guesses.

So, back to your question - yes, you can trade on exchanges on your own and you can get in the black in the short period of time. You can earn much more money alone in a week than with investments in Trade Groups through Chain.Group.

But in the long term your trade on exchanges will inevitably come to a standstill. At first, you will buy a currency, which will only keep getting cheaper, then a second currency, then a third one. And one day you will understand that only 30% of your initial investment is left and then you will say to yourself, “I may be doing something wrong.”

We can tell you what exactly you are doing wrong. You are trying to make money where perfectly organized Trade Groups, consisting only of experts in this field, do not always succeed.