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How can I deposit to my account with VISA / Mastercard?

You can deposit to your account with bitcoins and withdraw bitcoins as well. You can buy bitcoins with VISA / Mastercard and then load bitcoins to your account. To withdraw your earning, you can also withdraw bitcoins and transfer them to your VISA/Mastercard or local bank account.

Today a lot of services offer buying/selling Bitcoins with bank transfers and credit/debit cards, such as:

  Region Buy Bitcoins with Bank,
Visa / Mastercard
Sell Bitcoins and get Funds to
your Bank, Visa / Mastercard
Daily limit
Blockchain.info Europe Yes - $10,000.00 with Level 3 account
Coinbase USA Yes Yes  $10,000.00 with Verified account
CEX.io World Yes Yes Unlimited with Verified Plus account
CoinMama World Yes - $5,000.00 with verification
BitPanda Europe Yes - €10,000.00 with GOLD level verification
Coinhouse World Yes - €5,000.00 with verification
AdvCash World Yes Yes $100,000.00 with verification
GDax World Yes Yes $250,000